The International Avatar Course – March 14-22, 2015 in Orlando, FL

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What is Avatar

The Avatar Course

March 14-22, 2015 in Orlando, FL

The Avatar Course is experiential training delivered by a network of heart-centered, highly skilled Avatar Masters (including me), who will give you the tools to change the non-working patterns in your life.

This is how I changed my life and these are the tools I use to move forward. That’s why I recommend this training above all others. Having done many, this is the one that changed (and continues to change) everything for me.

Whatever is not working in your life is being created by YOU and you can change it more easily than you know (good news)!

I’m still registering students. Give yourself this profound gift – you will thank yourself again and again. If you’re interested contact me.

You can change your life NOW. 

What are you waiting for? 

For more info:

The Avatar Course 

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