In 17+ years dedicated to my healing and evolution I’ve experienced a variety of healing modalities from Eastern to Western to New Age.  All these teachings/techniques were helpful but after all this healing, seeking and learning I was still saddled with issues that didn’t budge and were affecting my life in a negative way.

In Avatar I received brand-new information about myself and my story that shifted old behavior patterns of upset, anxiety and depression. This was the most humbling, grace-filled experience – and but a fraction of the benefits I have received from Avatar.  Now I can handle greater amounts of work with clarity, focus and ease and my energy level is twice what it was before. What a gift!

I urge you to consider The Avatar Course as a path to your personal freedom and empowerment.  It is a joyful process of compassion and support (and lots of laughter!) – and you will connect with yourself and with a beautiful community in a whole, new way!  ~ Lisa Zimmerman, Avatar Master and Astrologer, NYC

“I received an astrology reading with Lisa as a gift from a dear friend. Little did I know that our conversation would be life altering. Lisa is an amazing communicator and her reading touched me to the core that no one knows except for me.  She mentioned that the Avatar Course has tools that I would learn to propel myself into the new future I wanted for myself.  

Upon her suggestion and in blind faith that Avatar was an opening for me, I booked a ticket, and committed to the full course with only three days to prepare. Thank goodness I did. My life is forever changed.  I am now pointed in the direction of my life’s purpose and the world is aligning with me. 

The Avatar Course was transformational in so many ways and the depth of the tools are life long: no trying required. I encourage everyone to experience themselves through Avatar. Go. Find out what is waiting for you to claim as your life’s purpose.”  ~ Malia Brown, Banker, Park City, UT

“I attended Avatar right after a difficult and painful ending of a relationship. I was depressed, obsessed and needed a solution to help heal the emotional pain and all that goes with it.  Just within the first two days I had moved quickly through many feelings and gained deep insights into so many aspects of myself and how to integrate all my feelings. I felt a freedom and lightness I hadn’t felt in years. My life had also become unmanageable. I had lost touch with myself and with what truly inspires me to participate in life fully.

As I continued through the course, my old beliefs and patterns began to fall away and a renewed sense of myself emerged. I became free to be who I truly am meant to be in the world and I now understand the meaning of what it is to “live deliberately” and create the experience of life that I desire.

Upon returning I have a renewed sense of purpose and hope. If challenged by life in any way I have the powerful Avatar tools to help me regain my center and move through the challenges that come my way. As a result of this I have decided to attend the Masters course. I am very grateful for the amazing experience and the care and love I received at Avatar.”  ~ Jeff Bova, Music Producer and Composer, Los Angeles, CA

“Having been involved with personal growth for the last 30 years, I was not at all interested in another seminar claiming to have the tools to change belief systems. I had been a meditator for many years and thought that I had overcome any issues I had encountered in life. 

I met Lisa Zimmerman at a business seminar and could not ignore the pure love that emanated from her being. Knowing that there are no such things as chance occurrences, I attended the Avatar training and could not believe the profound effect their simple experiential exercises had on my conscious awareness.

Not only were their processes more effective than anything I had done in my life up to that point, Lisa was instrumental in connecting me with masters that helped me see me. I was in the way of the world benefiting from my gifts and with the Avatar tools, I am now able to clear the runway so I can take off and fly.

Thank you Lisa for bringing me to Avatar. I am forever grateful. ~ Glenn M Smith,  Author, Toronto, Canada

Francine Phillips

When I called Lisa and told her about my current life issue she shared information about Avatar with me, but I was a skeptic at the time.  A year passed and I was facing major changes in my life so I scheduled a reading. She didn’t miss a thing. Everything she shared was accurate and enlightening. I thought, “How did she know that?” I knew things were shifting and she helped me see what was happening and why.

We then spoke again about Avatar and I was still resistant, saying I would do it a later time. She asked me if I had a pattern of “later” and a part of my brain lit up. She hit it right on the head and I signed up for Avatar in that moment.

She was right about Avatar’s impact and benefits. It’s very noticeable. It changes everything for the better: relationships improve, resistance fades, confidence builds, things happen, effort is minimal and life blooms. 

At first it feels like magic but then you realize it’s not – it’s just how life is meant to be when you live your life from your true self. I thank Lisa for guiding me and helping me to find this — and for Avatar for providing me with the way.  ~ Francine Phillips, Equine Guided Learning Coach, Highland, NY

Barbara Musser

Lisa has an amazing sense of timing and purpose! I had some big changes and challenges in my life when I was in the midst of heartache, grief and upset. Lisa called me and said that this was the perfect time for me to do the Avatar course. She said this is what she has found that has enabled her to heal, clear up her past and be free. Those words got my attention because I’ve been hoping for that through many personal growth courses, therapies and countless books. 

It took a big vision for me to get to Avatar, and I did it. I had no idea what to expect and what happened literally blew my mind, in a very good way. Avatar gave me a powerful set of tools to do the really deep work of cleaning out my old programming of self-sabotage and a life that just never quite worked out. 

Avatar provides the operating instructions that I needed to know that I’m the one who can create my life as I always dreamed of it, but never really believed. Now I’m turning into the person I always wanted to be.

If you want more or a different life, get yourself to the next Avatar course. It’s the best gift you could possibly give yourself!  Thank you, Lisa, and thank you, Harry Palmer, for creating Avatar.  ~ Barbara Musser,  Marin, CA

Michaela Rosenberger 3

For a long time, Lisa invited me to attend The Avatar Course. I made a promise to myself after being critically ill in the last year that as soon as I was able, I would at ten. I took a small step, and everything came easily. Less than two weeks later, I was on my way to The Avatar Course. 

The Avatar experience resonated with me, heart and soul, and I very quickly experienced results of having diminished physical pain, and an exponential increase in vitality, joy and delight. I discovered beliefs that had kept me stuck in my story without being aware of them.

No wonder what I created wasn’t successful. These beliefs even had a profound effect on my health. I had magnificent level of care, compassion, support and appreciation that I hadn’t realized I had been longing for. 

Through our work together, I am creating alignment in my life, and discovering the power of creating the life that I want. What an amazing gift. 

I am looking forward to continuing on The Avatar journey and participating in The Avatar Master program in August. This course is beyond anything that I have ever experienced in my life. When Lisa calls and invites you to The Avatar Course, say “yes.”  ~ Michaela Rosenberger, Interfaith Minister, Dolgeville, NY

I cannot adequately describe what the Avatar experience has been for me. Transformative actually doesn’t do it justice. 

It literally re-builds you from the ground up to help you create you life as you desire, it’s simply phenomenal.

Plus, with Lisa’s help and support, you really can’t lose.  She has the experience, knowledge and wisdom to help you every step of the way. 

I feel so fortunate that I was able to have her as my main pillar of support, I can’t recommend enough! ~ Bruce Powell, Founder & CEO, XIBITMAX